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Our duality reality creates separation not only between individuals, groups and nations but also the separation and split of all three aspects of our human existence. A healthy integration between BODY - MIND - SPIRIT is an important key to becoming an actualized human, especially for those suffering from dis-harmony for any length of time. Imbalances and distortions exist which contribute to the immense sense of dissatisfaction among many on our planet.
My approach is three-fold and begins with the Mind which is the master of our human body. Self hypnosis, meditation and lucid dreaming are some of the tools available to access the subconscious mind. Once the brainwave of theta is reached,  I can have a conversation with the subconscious mind of the person. Together we map out the most optimal and most approachable methods that resonate with their individual lifestyle. 
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The ultimate goal of lucid dreaming in ancient traditions is to die consciously. The dreamscape is found within the same realms as when we release our human body and travel in the etheric world, without a map to guide us. Lucid dreaming gives us the tools to maneuver consciously within these realms and take back our control. Death becomes a familiar destination which we can now navigate consciously without fear of the unknown. 


We always begin with the Mind as it is the aspect that is supposed to be in charge but due to unhealthy beliefs imprinted has been taken over by the Body. Understanding  how our mind programs our daily habitual thoughts and emotions is the first step towards regeneration and the well-being of these three aspects of human existence. 


When the Mind and the Body are open and in tune with each other then Spirit, which embodies our highest potential in vibration/frequency, begins to manifest individual abilities that are now available to be expressed without distortions. This Spirit energy field now has a human instrument capable of accessing infinite intelligence in its most subtle form.


Well-being is the long-term goal and only through self awareness can we guide the body's control back to our mind permanently. Our body, ruled by the ego-self, has often sabotaged control of all three aspects and runs amok. Our ego only seeks to protect us at all costs. Each individual's body is unique and requires a personalized approach.

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