The Mind is the aspect that is supposed to be in charge but due to unhealthy beliefs imprinted from birth by both external and internal factors, the Body steps in when the psyche of the individual is unable or unwilling to deal with any overwhelming emotions. They need to be stored somewhere for self-preservation.


During times of trauma and/or continued and extreme stress, immediately the Body releases the hormones of stress to respond to the constant overload of emotions - fight, flight or freeze. Cortisol and adrenaline levels peak. So begins the cycle of cause and effect - the Body takes over every single time another trauma happens. This pattern of depleting the cortisol/adrenaline levels have long-term effects affecting the health of the individual. Understanding how the body programs our habitual thoughts and emotions is the first step towards returning this power back to the Mind.


As the Mind and Body aspects find harmony, our Spirit, which embodies our highest potential in sound frequency/color vibration, flourishes. Heaven on Earth can be achieved and manifestations of individual abilities that are now able to be expressed without distortions. The bio-energetic field surrounding the Body now has a human instrument capable of accessing infinite intelligence.


Balance and the middle way is the long-term goal and only through self-awareness of our unique physical & mental qualities can we understand how our body works optimally. Our Body, ruled by the Ego-Self, has often sabotaged control of the Mind, Body & Spirit aspects. Interestingly, our Ego only seeks to protect us at all costs. Each individual is unique and requires a personalized approach.


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