Meet Olga Isa

QHHT Practitioner

Spiritual Coach

I've always been in awe of human consciousness. After a near death experience at the age of 20, the overwhelming feeling of pure eternal love and sensations of oneness during this NDE left me convinced I would never end. Since then I do not fear death knowing we are part of something greater beyond our limited 3D reality. 


While living in Belgium, I received my degree in Naturopathy, graduated from a 3 year program on Traditional Chinese Medicine, (TCM) and Shiatsu at the Yoseida Shiatsu Academy, and earned my Reiki Master iii certification of the Usui tradition with Daniel Meyers. 


Naturopathy's origins lie within the teachings of Hippocrates, the healing power of nature. Naturopathy promotes the prevention of dis-ease emphasizing the use of natural remedies such as air, sunshine, water and healthful eating. Naturopathy empowers the individual through education and knowledge of their own body, mind and soul in order to take 100% responsibility of their own life path. 


Anyone can get to the root of their suffering and learn to apply practical tools to replace the unhealthy dominant imprints and archaic beliefs that hold us back from our own spiritual evolution. The combination of QHHT/BQH, naturopathy and meditation has greatly enhanced my hypnosis sessions with my clients. Their subconscious mind is always eager to share wisdom, insights and answer questions that will help support the body, mind and spirit of each person on their journey here.


Is it possible the power of healing is within us? What I have experienced myself and witnessed with others confirms this is a real opportunity to shift our understanding of the reality we live in.   


"It is scientifically proven that the body can heal itself through thought alone."

- Dr. Joe Dispenza