taking a pause...

Welcome, beautiful ones!

Ever since the lockdowns last year like many of you, I have suffered its consequences and decided to focus my energy on healing my own shadow during these uncertain times. We all have light and shadow dwelling within us so I decided this was the perfect time for me to go within and heal the conflicts that are being expressed in my personal life and body complex. 

I am spending much of my time researching and re-learning all that I am passionate about including current events, meditation and lucid dreaming... 

My faith is stronger even while family members judge me and turn their backs on me because of opposing ideologies or wrong conclusions. My strength lies in that I no longer feel the need to explain myself anymore, saying "No" to those who never had my best interests at heart and setting boundaries for those who disparage me. It has come at a great cost...

In the meantime, I am experiencing major shifts spiritually as much is being revealed to me throughout this process and I know all of these discoveries will assist me going forward with my hypnosis and coaching practice in the near future. 

This Great Awakening is shaking the very foundation of humanity and those forces who imprisoned us over thousands of years. We are all going through very personal changes and shifts of perception and I know that the only way to heal our collective shadow is to do the work individually to remove whatever conflicts remain within our own lives, bodies and the spiritual realm.


I pray daily for all of us and send much love and guidance for your own journey within!

Many blessings,

Olga Isa Mejía