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"No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it."     
           ˜Albert Einstein
Olga Isa Mejía, QHHT/BQH Facilitator
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 The first time I read the above quote from Albert Einstein was a defining moment for me. I realized everything I've studied over the last thirty-five years from kundalini yoga, energy work, naturopathy, hypnosis and lucid dreaming, was always seeking a connection with the subconscious mind. I've always been fascinated with human consciousness and more so after a near death experience at the age of 20 on a Mother's Day. The overwhelming amount of pure love and oneness that I experienced during this NDE left me convinced I would never end. Since then, I no longer fear death and know we are part of a greater existence that is eternal without end.


While living in Belgium I received my degree in Naturopathy, graduated from a 3-year program on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Shiatsu at the Yoseido Shiatsu Academy and earned my Reiki III Master certification, of the Usui tradition with Daniel Meyers.


Naturopathy's origins lie within the teachings of Hippocrates, "the healing power of nature",  promoting prevention by emphasizing the use of natural remedies such as air, water, sunshine and healthful eating. Naturopathy empowers through education and each person takes responsibility for their own health.


With the proper guidance, everyone can get to the root of their suffering and learn to apply practical tools to replace the unhealthy dominant imprints and archaic beliefs that hold us back from our truest self. The combination of QHHT/BQH, naturopathy and meditation has greatly enhanced my hypnosis sessions with my clients. Their subconscious mind is always eager to share wisdom, insights and answer questions that will help support the body, mind and spirit of each person on this journey called life on Earth




"It is scientifically proven that the body can heal by thought alone."
- Dr. Joe Dispenza



Is it possible the power of healing is within us? What I have experienced myself and witnessed with others certainly confirms that this is a very real opportunity to shift our understanding of reality. The major obstacle we face is our own belief system and what we are willing to accept as attainable. Make no mistake, this requires self-discipline and a 100% commitment by the individual to make changes in their personality and perhaps, their lifestyle. We are peeling away at deeply entrenched patterns from birth that have shaped these unhealthy beliefs. By the same token, I have seen immediate and dramatic changes occur when the person was open, ready and willing to communicate in complete confidence with their subconscious mind. If there is any doubt, it could influence the outcome. This is addressed during the pre-talk in preparation for the session so the facilitator will recognize and diffuse any signs of doubt, worry or fear at this time. 

QHHT/BQH is an excellent way to learn about the deepest part of yourself and how to incorporate positive changes that are compatible with your lifestyle. After all, who knows you better than yourself? 

"Meditation is simple in principle but very difficult in practice." - Rob Nairn

I fell in love with eastern religions while reading about them in our family's collection of the Encyclopedia Britannica during my childhood.The subject so resonated within me, it became a lifetime quest to explore and learn from teachers of various cultures and traditions.To be able to travel around the world for decades has been such a blessing! I've made lifetime connections and have experienced amazing shifts and spiritual growth through all of it.


The foundation of my meditation practice is rooted in the lineage of Sri Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri mostly through his student Swami (Rudi) Rudrananda, an American Spiritual Master of Kundalini Yoga living in NYC. Breathing techniques for kundalini rising can vary depending on the lineage. Much of the focus during our meditation was the lineage's "double-breath" technique for the kundalini rising, which lies dormant at the base of our spine until specific pranayama exercises are practiced consistently to give rise of life energy up through our spine and energy centers, the chakras.


Those first seven years I diligently went after work every day to the ashram for our group meditation to practice the double-breath with our teacher during our kundalini meditation. Since then, I've traveled and learned other pranayama techniques with great success in the evolution of my practice.


Finding the meditation practice that resonates with each client is one of the greatest joys of my journey here.

The Refined Hippie Podcast Interview

Part One: Origins of my life journey

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For the entire interview, The Refine Hippie can be found on Apple & Google Podcasts,  as well as Spotify!

The Wanderer heeded a call that rang throughout the Omniverse to come help lift the vibration of the Earth.

Why Quantum Healing Hypnosis?

"Apparently when we enter the Earth existence, the third dimensional reality, we exist with a façade as actors playing various roles. For some it is the adventure of the experience, the journey. For others it is entrapment in an illusion that takes on all the qualities of reality."

                 ~ Dolores Cannon

To understand the success of QHHT we must talk about the creator of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and my teacher, Dolores Cannon. Dolores* was a trailblazer as a hypnotherapist, prolific author and incredible mentor. While assisting her husband with his hypnosis practice in the 1960's, a patient inadvertently began describing a past life, which surprised them as her voice and mannerisms significantly changed while she described in detail a life of someone in Chicago during the roaring 1920's. Ever curious and after this unusual session, the couple began their journey into past life regression. 


As reincarnation was mostly unheard of at the time, this eventually led Dolores to conceive her own technique without precedent to guide her. Over the years, with thousands of archived patient sessions documented and researched, she began writing books on various subjects based upon the similar experiences described to her by her patients as actual witnesses to historical events. 

But her most important discovery was the emergence of the subconscious mind during her sessions, which seemed to be providing the answers to her questions. She realized this part of the mind was always in the background as a permanent witness and knows every aspect of us. During hypnosis used for weight issues or to remove bad habits, the brainwaves remain in alpha, a highly relaxed state of awareness. It is present during meditation and daydreaming.


However, during QHHT the brainwave of theta is reached and is the realm of your subconscious, where the mind is capable of profound insight, advanced intuition, healing, and oneness. In this state our minds can connect to the universe and manifest life-enhancing changes, with the tools to take this communication beyond the session. 

* Dolores considered herself the researcher, investigator, and reporter, of lost knowledge. This lost knowledge was given to her through the sessions and she shared it in her books, presentations (live and in video format), and interviews. Her books can be found at Ozark Mountain Publishing’s website:

"The subconscious mind is a thousand times more powerful than your conscious mind."
- Tør Norretranders

"There is also new data suggesting that the heart's field is directly involved in intuitive perception, through a coupling to an energetic information field outside the bounds of space and time."

- Institute of Heart Math

How to Book a QHHT Session

Please email me at for availability, session cost, and to answer any of your questions.


Once a date and time is set, a deposit request via email for $111 USD will be sent. Please don’t pay a deposit until your date is confirmed with Olga. All deposits are non-refundable. After paying your deposit, you will receive your session preparation information. 

You can also email me at for more information on the following services:

  •  Lifestyle coaching

  • Meditation coaching

  • Mastering your subconscious mind

  • Speaking engagements for small or large groups on QHHT, the Subconscious Mind, Meditation techniques and Ancestral Healing. 


It is essential the three aspects of the human experience function in harmony for true well-being to be realized.We may succeed in restoring them separately in a variety of ways, but there is nothing that compares to the subconscious mind in its ability to restore homeostasis to all three aspects. 


  • 3D Localized You -  Illusory

  • Body/Self Image - Ego

  • Food - Alcohol -Drug Imprints

  • Expression of Physical Dis-ease

  • Polarity - Opposition - Suffering


  • 3D/4D Conscious You

  • Rational Analysis - Awareness

  • Morality - Ancestral Imprints

  • Psychic blockages - Traumas

  • Polarity - Light vs Shadow Self


  • 4D/5D Co-Creator Aspect

  • Intelligent Infinity/Zero Point

  • Lovingkindness - Compassion

  • Freedom - Clarity - Wisdom

  • Unity Consciousness 



"I felt very safe with Olga during my session, she has an amazing presence and energy. I fully trusted her with my personal questions about my life, which lead me to be fully hypnotized in the deepest state possible. I felt very  assured that what ever things that I said to her in the session would be confidential.

Olga really listened to what I wanted to get out of this session. She was able to apply the questions during my hypnotic state effectively and get me the answers to all the questions that have been plaguing me for many years. You could really tell that Olga was trained by the pioneer of QHHT, Dolores Cannon.

This one session has completely shook my world in the best kind of way. My life has been forever changed for the better since I had QHHT."

-Fran, SC,USA.

"I came to Olga quite skeptical but curious that QHHT could help with my skin problems. During the session I was aware of my surroundings but felt I was in a dream as she had me describe everything I was seeing and hearing. It was very emotional for me but she continued to probe very patiently to get all the information I needed to understand on a deeper level the why of my issues. What was most shocking to me was I could hear myself talking, giving advice to myself.

I am no longer skeptical. One week later, my skin showed signs of healing, two weeks later, my skin was clear and healthy. I am very grateful for her help in opening my mind to a better understanding of who I am."

Carol, NY, USA

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